Turkish Plastic Materials Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish plastic materials, Turkey plastic materials manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality plastic materials from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

PLASKOM PLASTIK        Türkiye     Andaç KAYNAK    
s compound, antisplit, filler masterbatch, calcium carbonate, calcite, talc, antigas, dehumidifier, granule, masterbatch, plastic bag, additive, anti-split, white masterbatch, black masterbatch, disposable plastic, food container, fragrance, anti-gas
BI-PLAST PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Besim Özgür AKSÖZ    
s plastic pipe fittings, pipe fittings, plastic fasteners, plastic unions, pipe fasteners, pipe unions, plastic pipe fasteners, plastic pipe unions, plastic pipe connectors, pipe connectors, aluminium foiled pipes, elbows, pprc pipes, composite pipes, reductions, sockets, tees, unequal tee pieces, jumpers, pp pipe, ppr pipe, pprc pipe, fittings, sanitary pipe, sanitary fit, sanita, valves, elbow, pipe fitting, filters, jumper, sanitary fittings, adaptor, tee, pprc fittings, reduction, ball valves, socket, pipe clamps, nippels, checkvalves, blind cap, plastic pipe cutters, welding sockets, stop valves, welding machine sets, end caps, blind caps, ppr pipe, plastic pipe, plastic pipe fitting, plastic material, composite pipe, female round adaptors, male round adaptors, female elbow adaptors, round elbows, female filters, male filters, plastic union, plastic pipe union, plastic pipe connector, pipe connector, aluminium foiled pipe, unequal tee piece, female round adaptor, male round adaptor, end cap, female elbow adaptor, male elbow adaptor, round elbow, pp fittings, ppr fittings, boiler connection, plastic item, adjustable battery connection pieces, chrome valves, female battery connections, female double battery connection pieces, female tee adaptors, foil sharpeners, hexagonal connection joints, male battery connections, male double battery connection pieces, male elbow adaptors, male tee adaptors, nippel with loose nuts, peeling tools, pipe fastener, pipe union, plastic fastener, plastic pipe attachment, plastic pipe connection part, plastic pipe fastener, pressure test pumps, single pipe clamps, valve heads, aluminium, aluminum, plastic items, plastic materials, plastic pipes, plastic pipe connection parts, plastic pipe attachments
s bands, sealant, abrasive varieties, adhesive, adhesives, anchors, bitumen, aluminium, pvc tape, bituminous, brush types, cement gap cleaners, cement-based, close, cloth, coatings, concrete mortar admixtures, construction chemicals, construction materials, corner profile, corrugated bituminous sheet, dilatation, duct tape, emery, epoxy flooring, exterior, extrude polystyrene foam, fire insulation, floor hardener powder, floor linings, furniture coatings, gilding, glue, industrial, interior, joint tape, leveling surface correction, liquid waterproofing products, marble finishes and adhesives, masking tape, mortars, nylon and upholsteries, other, paints, plaster painter tools, plastic materials, polyurethane based, polyurethane foam, powder paint, primers, profile systems, pu foam, pvc based, raw cloth, corrugated cardboard, reinforcement mesh, repair mortars ready, roll varieties, savers, shingle, silicon, soft soap, sound acoustic, sound isolation, special adhesives, spray, strengthening and injection, styropor - eps, surface plasters, suspended ceiling rockwool, synthetic, the fiberglass, the rockwool, thermal insulation, thermal insulation panels, thermal sheathing systems, thinner, tile adhesive-gap, tiles plasterer tools, varnishes, waterproofing, waterstops joint tape, wood-steel mold oil
OZBEKLER LASTIK        Türkiye     Tanju Demir    
s tyre repair materials, tire repair equipments, garage equipments, garage materials, tyres, tires, tyre repair, inner tyres, rubbers, jack, lever jack, plastic hardwares, plastic hardware, vulcaniser, garage equipment, compressor, pneumatic tools, tire, rubber product, hydraulic jacks, lifting platforms, tyre, compressors, jacks, balance machines, hand tool, wheel balancer, hand tools, tire materials, tire material, lifting platform, wheel balancers, nitrogen machine, patches, inner tube, pneumatic tool, tire repair kits, tire changer machines, wheel alignments, nitrogen machines, ring spanner sets, air impact wrenchs, floor jacks, tire repair patches, rubber derived products, tire repair kit, tire changer machine, wheel alignment, ring spanner set, air impact wrench, floor jack, tire repair patche, rubber derived product, inner tubes, tyre repair equipments, lever jacks, patch, tyre repair equipment, plastic materials, rubber products, rubber materials
s plastic products, plastic parts, plastic moulds, plastic molds, plastic injections, plastic injection molds, plastic injection moulds, plastic materials
s plastic, plastic material, plastic materials, plastics
AKERSAN PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İdris ERTUFAN    
s plastic raw material, pp, pe, granule, plastic granule, pp granule for incektion, plastic granule for injection, recycle plastik granule, saler plastic granule, for buy or for sale plastic scrap, plastic products, plastic product, plastic equipments, plastic equipment, plastic materials, plastic material
DURDEN PLASTIK URUNLER LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s automotive, decorative parts, automotive decorative parts, serigraphic parts, interior decorative parts, exterior decorative parts, plastic products, plastic product, plastic, plastics, plastic package, plastic packages, plastic material, plastic materials, plastic part, plastic parts, plastic industry
POLMER ENDUSTRIYEL KIMYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s rotation, rotational moulding, xlpe, mold release, releasing agent, mould release agent, water reservoir, decorative home materials, plastic materials
GUZEL PLASTIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s plastic products, plastic materials, plastic pipes, plastic sheets
AZRA DIS TIC.        Türkiye         
s plastic products, plastic materials, plastic, plastic product, plastic material
HOBBYTIME        Türkiye         
s kites, yap bozlar, science experiment sets, robots, solar energy kits, lego technical series, plastic models, toys, souvenirs, electric skateboards, model trainers, metal machines, business machines, drone, planes, helicopters, cars, boats, electronic, engines, batteries fuels, hand tools, architectural materials, di̇orama materials, model paints and materials, dyeing equipment, machine accessories, factory machines, wooden materials, plastic materials, stone materials, printed publications
AKPINAR ELYAF GERI KAZANIM LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s paper and paper produced materials, polypropylene materials, plastic materials, plastics produced materials
AKINSAN TEL PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s wire, plastic, plastic products, plastic product, plastic materials, plastic material
HAKSAL PLASTIK        Türkiye         
s plastic, plastics, plastic materials, plastic products, plastic material, plastic product
ERSA MOBILYA VE PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s plastic, plastic product, plastic material, plastics, plastic products, plastic materials, home furniture, home furnitures, furniture, furnitures, sofas, sofa, armchair, armchairs, couch, couches
RAINCUP PLASTIK VE AMBALAJ LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s package, packing, plastic, plastic materials, plastic material, plastic product, plastic products
s electrical products, electrical materials, plastic materials, plastic bodies, plastic injection machines
s plastic, plastics, plastic materials
s military equipments, cap, hat, military uniforms, plastic materials